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I am a DTP specialist. I�ve been working since 1996 as a professional desktop publisher with some leading translation companies. I am an expert in handling multilingual DTP projects in all West-, East- and Nordic European Languages. I offer quality desktop publishing services for following products:

  • Technical Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Slide presentations

My know-how bases upon professional use of powerful wordprocessor, texteditor, graphic tools (see list on the left) and covers full control of structured texts and of markup language editors.

My skills include pre-editing and post-editing activities required when processing multilingual documents:

  • Creating stable formatting frames suited for the translation process
  • Preparing the source files, both text documents and artworks, for the most used translation tools (pre-editing)
  • Editing the caption text related to the image files according to the output language (comprehensive multilingual graphic design service)
  • Full preparation for printing (pre-press) of the target documents, both artwork and text.

My work method guarantees high quality level because it includes:

  • Accurate adjustment and resizing of typesetting when the translated text exceeds the length of the text in the source language, aimed to accomplish correspondence in shape and layout between the end document and the original.
  • A proof-reading and review of the output, in order to verify correct typesetting and hyphenation, consistence and correct matching of the product with the source document.
  • A final quality check, focused on accurate restoring of the sequence of text and graphics in documents with complex, modular structure of text and artworks.

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